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Buteyko provides a comprehensive approach to achieving safe and effective asthma control. Buteyko helps you to control your asthma through simple breathing exercises and asthma management – without the use of drugs.

Worldwide, more and more people are becoming asthmatic. Medical research has created many drugs to combat the symptoms of asthma – to help asthmatics gain control over their breathing difficulties. Using the Buteyko Method, control comes without the use of drugs.

Buteyko teaches you to control your condition by working to alter your asthma inducing breathing patterns. As you practise and adapt these breathing exercises into your life, you’ll find your need for medication and also asthma symptoms are cut dramatically.

In New Zealand, over 4000 asthmatics have learnt the method and many are now enjoying a life free of asthma symptoms.
David Johnson, is an Engineer and a severe asthmatic. Three years ago his ability to work full-time was severely limited because of asthma, and he relied on a high dosage of inhaled steroids as well as powerful reliever medication to control his condition. His daily life was a constant struggle, as he battled debilitating asthma symptoms. Now, he takes no drugs. Instead he uses the Buteyko Method, a drug-free technique that has helped thousands of sufferers like David control their asthma.

“One year on and not one puff of either Berotec or Bricanyl since day 5 of the course. Previously I would have taken 6000 puffs in one year.”
The Australian Association of Asthma Foundations (AAAF), sponsored clinical trials to test the Buteyko Method. The results were published in The Australian Medical Journal, December 1998. Trial participants using the Buteyko Method recorded excellent progress at the three month assessment point. Their asthma symptoms greatly decreased, they reduced bronchodilator use by 96%, and also reduced preventer steroid use by 49%.

These results can be achieved by you, and if Buteyko is not for you we’ll gladly refund your money. You can learn the Buteyko Method from a trained Buteyko practitioner, or from the Buteyko Home Education kit, available from this web site.

If you require more information to determine whether you could benefit from Buteyko, take our online asthma control quiz, send us an e-mail or join our mailing list.