What will Buteyko do for me?

Buteyko is about self-care. It enables you to take an active role in managing your condition. Buteyko has no negative side-effects and it does not require ever- increasing doses of medication to stay in control. It removes almost entirely the symptoms of asthma and allows you to take charge of your life. The control you experience means you:
are able to participate in activities of your choice
“I can now enjoy more situations – a night out, for example, than I would have in the past.” Paul Willoughby

miss much less work or school because of asthma symptoms
“We are grateful for Buteyko for seeing the quality of life improve so much for Clare. To see her enjoying schoolwork and free of the tiredness and stress generated by Asthma is wonderful.” Catherine Sandbrook

are free of symptoms day and night – including sleeping through the night
“The improvement to my sleep through the knowledge that I gained at my Buteyko course was incredible. I now sleep as I haven’t done in years. It was worth every penny!” Paula Sargent

need emergency visits or hospitalisation for asthma a lot less
“It has been wonderful for me. I have only had one cold in the last year and it didn’t even go to my chest. Before Buteyko I seemed to be ill most of the time. I had been to hospital twice in the weeks before starting the course and not since.” Yvonne Benson

reduce the need for asthma medications “Since completing the course in September 1996 I have never needed to use my Ventolin – not even once.” William Henderson (4/11/98)
can enjoy sport more
“When Benjamin completed the Buteyko course many people commented on the tremendous improvement in his rugby. We had thought that he was a bit frightened of the action and hung back but after Buteyko there was no holding him. We realise now that he had no breath and energy to keep up.” Alison Gibb

are empowered
The Buteyko method has been excellent for me because I have lost the fear of having an asthma attack as I am able to control my breathing.” Bill Emery.

save money
“My husband remarked the other day that I had not bought any medication for Asthma this year” Jennifer Keenan (31/10/98)