The Programme

The Buteyko method is a programme of education and simple breathing exercises that allows asthmatics to control and reduce the frequency of their asthma symptoms. The method encompasses the Buteyko breathing exercises, as well as a comprehensive description of asthma and how to manage it.
The method is taught in courses spread over five consecutive days, each session lasting approximately one and a half hours. The Buteyko breathing exercises are only part of the course. Considerable time is devoted to the safe management of asthma, the necessity of correctly using medication and an understanding of the physiology of asthma. The course is also available in a home education kit.

Buteyko reduces asthma symptoms and drug dependency in four ways:
Using special breathing exercises to normalise breathing patterns which reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.
Monitoring the condition accurately and using the Buteyko Method when it is becoming worse.

By practicing a natural and effective method to overcoming attacks.

Learning about what your medication actually does, and how to use the smallest amount for the greatest effect.

Who can learn Buteyko
Buteyko is for all people of all ages. Children as young as three years have successfully mastered the method. Adults into their late eighties have also learnt Buteyko. Adults and children learn different exercises, with teenagers usually learning both. It is necessary for those under eighteen years old to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, who attends free of charge.

Buteyko is suitable for asthmatics ranging from very mild to the most severe. The Buteyko programme is adjusted according to the severity of your condition. This means that asthmatics who use one puff of reliever a month right through to those using nebulisers every day can gain improved health from the method.

The Practising Buteyko section explores the programme in-depth.