Breaking The Cycle with The Buteyko Method

For people with asthma and chronic hyperventilation, restoring a normal breathing pattern takes time and concentration. The Buteyko program is a series of simple techniques that will help turn you into a good breather, and reduce your asthma symptoms.
On the Buteyko program asthmatics learn to recognise their own hyperventilation pattern and how to retrain and recondition their breathing levels to normal (4-6 litres/min). The adverse symptoms are reversed and relief from asthma follows:

1. Recovery of nasal breathing: This improves humidification, and reduces allergen entry.
2. Relief of acute bronchospasm through the bronchodilatory effects of carbon dioxide, leading to a reduction in bronchodilators.

3. Reduction in allergies and bronchoprovoking factors as hyperventilation increases histamine levels

4. Reconditioning of the autonomic breathing pattern with continued practice of Buteyko and avoidance of bronchospasm

5. Improvement in oxygenation through correction of Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide balance
The very basis of the Buteyko Method is to breathe through your nose continuously which makes it a lot harder to hyperventilate.