Asthma Myths

Let’s look at what asthma is not about. Here are some of the common myths about asthma and the reasons why they should not be believed.

Asthma is all in the Mind.
Asthma sufferers often have attacks when facing emotional stress. This has caused many people to think asthma is a psychosomatic condition. It is not. Asthma is real. It starts in the airways, and not in the mind. Emotions can however act as asthma triggers, causing already existing asthma to flare up or become worse. This is a far cry from saying asthma is all in your mind.

Asthma is not a Serious Condition.
Asthma is a serious condition. It is essential to recognise the signs and symptoms, and respond to them. Asthma attacks may last several minutes or go on for hours or even days. The longer the attack persists, the more dangerous it is. When airway obstruction becomes severe, the sufferer may experience respiratory failure, and could pass out and/or die.

Children will grow out of asthma.
Asthma is a chronic disease. If you are diagnosed with asthma, chances are that you will have it for life. A study recently published by the American Lung Association found that of 350 children first treated for asthma between the ages of 8 and 12, 78% of males and 85% of females had continuing symptoms 15 years later.

Nobody dies from asthma anymore.
Asthma is a life threatening condition. In the United States asthma causes 5,000 deaths annually. Deaths from asthma are increasing. Nobody knows why more people are dying from asthma, but some studies show that it is because people are not getting proper preventative care. Other studies show a most disturbing theory that overuse of asthma drugs (the beta-agonists) may be a factor in these deaths.

Asthmatics shouldn’t exercise.
Physical activity is not only possible for asthmatics, it’s essential to good health. The keys to a successful program are choosing the right exercises and the best times and places to do them.

The important thing is to be informed, aware of the condition, and seek help before an attack becomes a major problem.