Buteyko Solution for Insomnia

The Buteyko method has been proven in two clinical trials to reduce the automatic breathing pattern by an average 31% within the first three months of using it, but the result of Buteyko is noticed much sooner than this.

People who follow the Buteyko programme, find that they are snoring less and sleeping more soundly before the end of their course. Comments like the following are common:

“Since starting the course I am sleeping consistently better and waking fresh each morning.” Adam said two weeks after his course, and then later in the year, “I still get a good nights sleep, four months after the workshop.”

You can change your breathing pattern, and also your sleep pattern just by using the Buteyko method. It never wears out so you don’t need to a replacement or spare parts and it isn’t addictive.

“I feel a different person. My sleeping patterns are much improved. I wish that I had done the course a long time ago.” Yvonne